Saturday, January 5, 2008

Can't Go Anywhere...

I went to Chapters tonight just to get out and go for a little walk. I figured I'd get the latest Scrabble dictionary because the one I have now is rather old. The Scrabble board I'm using has score sheets from my dad's visits in past years and even old ones with Tonk K! (Hey Bud!) So now that John's gotten into the habit of playing Scrabble with me (a very recent shift), I figured I'd get a new dictionary.

I went to where they should be and they're all sold out. Good news. Means lots of people are out there playing Scrabble! All is well...

While I was looking around at what else I could get, I came across Daniel Goleman's latest book on Social Intelligence. And rather than get a large armful of books that I'd like to read, I made a mental note that when I got home, I'd get my fix by looking them up on the internet.

I also got a kick out of Victoria Beckham's book, which was actually really informative, but I restrained myself. Her book was fashion tips and things to keep in mind when you're putting yourself together.

Good thing I'm pretty much "what you see is what you get." It's my turn at the cash and the person behind the counter says, "hi - I took your meditation class and I just wanted to tell you I'm still meditating." She did look familiar to me but I see so many students and sometimes it's just once and it's a long time ago so I can't always be sure. I basically run into people all the time who tell me I was their yoga or meditation teacher. You know - you see me.

I bought a book on jokes and something for Remi and I'll go back in a week or so for the latest Scrabble dictionary.

I came home and looked up Daniel Goleman's site and found this neat article about meditation.

John laughed when he saw what I bought. Maybe next time I'll get that Posh Spice book instead!

Oh, and the next Learn to Meditate workshop is on January 13 at Rama Lotus.

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