Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yoga in the Boardroom

It takes all kinds of flexibility to be a yoga practitioner, eh? People think you have to be physically flexible to do yoga - well, you know what I have to say about that. (In case you don't know - I know you don't have to be flexible or feel flexible or anything to do yoga.) Being flexible in other areas is far more gracious and interesting.

In the past I've written about having to do yoga in strange locations - hallways of a hospital, freezing cold floor of a college gym - and it takes something from the group to do yoga in those kinds of places. Today I went to my regular Thursday spot and the place we "usually" have (that's in quotes because it's changed a lot over 5 years) was not available but the group was willing and ready. So we hunted for a spot in the building and came up with the boardroom.

Usually if I'm going to do yoga in a space, we move the chairs and tables to the side so we can have an open space with junk around the sides. Today was the first day that I've ever taught with the table actually in the middle and the people around the sides. We couldn't move the table - it had power cords running through it and was not something we could take apart for yoga. So there we were, some people on one side, some people on the other and kind of in the front and wow. I was really touched by who these people were that they would do yoga like that - because they wanted to do yoga!

And is it ideal? Probably not, or else we'd all be practising yoga that way. But it was another lesson about how it doesn't matter what the externals are - you're still you inside - whether it's on a beach, in a yoga studio, or even on the floor of a boardroom. Your yoga connection can happen anywhere!

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