Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On Second Thought...

This is later on after yoga class...and I'm considering renegging. Maybe I won't put the recycling out. How could my precious things be just put out on the curb all night where people might rummage through that stuff? I could get up early and then put it out. Maybe I'll take more pictures. Aaarrgh. BTW, the child's art in that picture is MINE, not Remi's! It's serious. I have her teeth saved and I have mine too!

Hans said I should save my notebooks and stuff from school when I was young. Have it go to my grave with me. NOOOOOO. It's musty. I'm allergic to it! Maybe I should claw back those wedding invitation replies and the bits of wrapping paper and write a story about it all. NOOOOO.

Tara was psyched to get her stuff. I'm glad. She asked me if I was cleaning out and I replied that I'm getting ready to die. And I'm not kidding. I expect to be really old when it finally happens, but sometimes I think if I were in an accident and went now, someone would have to shovel through all of my things not knowing which ones were really important and which ones I just couldn't figure out what to do with. The longer it waits, the longer I'm not taking responsibility for this stuff and putting it off to another day. I'm old enough to know that "one day," "someday," really might be "never." So if I want it to be done, today's the day. So actually, by getting ready to die, I'm saying I'm ready to live!

I guess I'll put out the recycling now...

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