Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We Have Colds

Remi did great yesterday, getting taken around the city to hang out while I taught yoga. She did reception at Rama Lotus, played on her DS at CHEO and I think she was playing on her DS at the Canadian Police College as well. After that I realized I was coming down with it too. Oh well.

Today we slept in. I did work from my home office - planning the events on the right hand side of this page - please come - and she watched some TV and played some more DS. I spoke to her teacher about what homework she could be doing and it turns out she conveniently left those text books at school. Ooops. So she is up from watching Revenge of the Sith (some kind of Star Wars that John's getting her into) and we just took this Photo Booth photo. And with the groovy filters that Mac has, you can't really see how "bad" it is. Red noses and teary eyes.

If I were puking I wouldn't go and teach. But with just a bit of a sore throat and lower energy than I'd like, I'm still going in. No sick days for the self-employed!

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