Friday, January 11, 2008

Tips for Meditation

I'm just listening to an episode from Tapestry at Torsten's suggestion and it's great! It's an interview with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who's a special guy living in Halifax. (If the link is stale try looking for the episode January 8.)

One of the things he said early on in the interview was that when people ask him what they should do to help them with their meditation he tells them to clean their kitchen. I thought that was great. I got the impression the interviewer thought he might be kidding, but I was talking out loud to my screen, "No, he means it. It's true!"

My latest homework in my coaching program with Joyce Hardman is to get back to basics and take care of things at home. Tidy up, make sure there's food in the fridge, take care of my space, do laundry. And I know it works. It's systemic as the Rinpoche says. What's happening in one area of your life is happening in other areas. And back in late 2005 when I was actively looking for a relationship, I went to work on being strong on the homefront with the idea that if I make a strong home, I'll find someone who will want to come and stay. That's simplistic, but it's basically what happened.

So now when I'm looking at having projects I'm working on manifest and it seems like there's a block, I look to what's happening at home and I see where I'm out of alignment. I'm putting things back in place at home (washing machine is in place now!) and other projects are getting into gear more smoothly. Check out my latest project, which may interest you or someone you know... It's something I'm doing with the help of Mike McCracken, my yoga buddy. I am a bit behind and it's no wonder. I was so overwhelmed at home and feeling down and when I shifted back into taking responsibility for my life, poof, a website got built, things are happening.

So when the Rinpoche tells you to clean your house for a better meditation, listen to the man! He speaks the truth!

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