Monday, January 28, 2008

Crystal Healing

I know I shouldn't be so skeptical, but I am. When am I going to learn and admit that all of this yoga stuff works? And I wouldn't consider crystals and whatnot to be a part of yoga, but rather things that may or may not work on the subtle bodies that may or may not exist. I should just give it up and say, "I get it." But instead I like the surprise factor when something that is worked on in my "subtle body" is impacted in my "physical body."

I'm the one who just wrote that your yoga practice will show up in your relationships. Relationships aren't concrete, they're subtle. So working stuff out with yourself on your mat can impact your life in other areas, particularly in your relationships with other people. Your kids, partners, bank tellers, bosses, staff, cashiers, anyone. That never really seemed like a far stretch.

But now I'm all surprised and giddy because Kathryn worked something out on my back yesterday that involved her holding her hands still and John noticed that night that the knot that had been there for eons was gone. Like disappeared and not there. And the day before it had been killing and was sore and had been for a while. And then Kathryn balanced my chakras with her crystals and held that spot and I guess let some stuff go out or something, and there you have it. Knot gone. Heart chakra more open.

One of the big learnings I'm having in my Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark Education in Montreal is that the results I have in my life are so much more about who I'm being than what I'm doing. To shift one's being is instant but also elusive (to me often), and I find it intriguing. Look outside for signs of what's happening inside. I teach this stuff! And it still comes as curious and interesting and magical when I'm paying attention and it happens to ME.

My program coach Maryse helped me identify this morning something that I was hearing from people as something that I am a "clearing" for. I noticed that I've got something running in my head like, "not now. It's too far, and it's expensive." I looked around and noticed that I have been meaning to visit my grandmother in California and in fact a year ago I discussed a visit with her but I kept putting it off. I don't mind visiting my grandmother, but finding the time in my schedule to take an expensive, long plane ride was difficult and I kept avoiding it. So when I noticed that I'm generating that in my life, I got online and looked at booking flights to Orange County in March.

I tell people in the meditation workshop that how you meditate is how you are in your life. There will be clues when you meditate as to how you're being at work and at home. And if you're feeling stuck and are wondering what's in your way, just look around, because what's in your way will be there in a couple of areas at least.

I'm not sure if this is making sense or not, but I'm in an inspired place and feel like I'm at the source of my life at the moment, making it happen, causing it to be as it is. That doesn't mean I'm not impacted and influenced by my circumstances at all. I am. But navigating the seas of my life is up to me...

Anyways, if you'd like some energy work done, I can recommend a wonderful practitioner! It may work out some other things in your life as well as balance your chakras!

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