Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scheduling, Schmeduling

I've heard it a million times before - if I schedule something I'm more likely to do it. And there are somethings I schedule and actually land in my agenda - teaching yoga classes for instance. I schedule them and they happen. I go, we stretch, and I've done the thing I said I was going to do and that's it.

There's more to life than teaching yoga classes though. And some of those things are scheduled and some of them aren't. The things that aren't scheduled that will get done anyways are things I don't need to schedule like feed my neopets, pay my bills, pick Remi up from the bus and stuff like that. I'm going to do those things anyhow. It's the things I'd like to have done but I'd really rather not do myself that I need to schedule but don't.

It's not rocket science. But it doesn't always happen because something else gets more important than putting those things that need to be scheduled in my agenda. I'm like a kid getting away with something if I don't schedule those things - and then it's like I'm not responsible for them because they weren't on my list. Wrong. I'm still responsible for them.

So in a couple of minutes I've actually scheduled time to schedule. And I'm supposed to schedule myself for an hour. AAAAaaaarrrggh. This is where I resist. Here's my stretch. Some of you reading may wonder what on earth I'm going on about because scheduling is easy for you. You've got something else that is stretching! The thing to do (I'm telling myself) is breathe into it (that's Inspiration) and feel it and exhale (that's deepening the pose or put another way, going for the goal that's set), and don't worry because it's all going to pass anyhow!

Okay, continuing to do my blog is not me taking time to do the thing I've set out to do. So I'll stop now.
I'm back. I did it! And I'm not done! And that was fun. I also converted my paper agenda to an Outlook file and it has Tasks and it was fun to go back to that. I've got more to do but it feels better already. Aaah.

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