Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh Canada Day

It's a day off for a ton of people, and they all seem to have met up in my neighbourhood to hang out! It's quite a scene down here in the Market. They even brought the Snowbirds with them. Wow. It's cool to be standing under that when they go by.

So there's lots going on I'm not blogging about - otherwise it wouldn't be a blog, it would be my life, and you could just come over and I'd tell you everything and you would just be a part of it.

One thing is that I'm picking up my Landmark Education stuff again and will be leading a home introduction to the Landmark Forum on Monday, July 13 and if you're reading this, consider you're invited to attend. Send me a note for details if you'd like to come. I got a little coaching yesterday about yesterday's blog news and wow, is it powerful and amazing to get coaching like that. Cuts to the core! The insight I got was about stopping beating myself up for being a bad mom. It's buried in there. We all know I'm nowhere near a bad mom, but somehow it snuck inside.

A reminder I got too, was that nobody's in integrity - we're either putting it back or it's falling away. I know, but to be reminded is good for my soul because I was starting to doubt the goodness of people.

And the last thing for today is what I was reading a bunch yesterday, which I think resonates. And it's from my Pocket Pema:

Seek Long-term Relief
We act out because, ironically, we think it will bring us some relief. We equate it with happiness. Often there is some relief, for the moment. When you have an addiction and you fulfill that addiction, there is a moment in which you feel some relief. Then the nightmare gets worse. So it is with aggression. When you get to tell someone off, you might feel pretty good for a while, but somehow the sense of righteous indignation and hatred grows and it hurts you. It's as if you pick up hot coals with your bare hands and throw them at your enemy. If the coals happen to hit him, he will be hurt. But in the meantime, you are guaranteed to be burned.

On the other hand, if we begin to surrender to ourselves - begin to drop the story line and experience what all this messy stuff behind the story line feels like - we begin to find bodhichitta, the tenderness that's under all that harshness. By being kind to ourselves, we become kind to others. By being kind to others - if it's done properly, with proper understanding - we benefit as well.

And that totally hits the nail on the head because I can tell you that it feels the same flavour inside to lash out as it does to be dumped on and harmed from the outside.

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Cristina said...

Hey Jamine! Thanks for anouncing the intro! -I'm assuming it's the one at my place you're refering to:)-

I totally feel for you when you're in pain, so please don't get me wrong, but whenever you're going through suffering/drama, once you own it and start getting power you write your best posts ever -at least in my opinion-, like this one right here. I think you're totally on to something and tapping into stuff that sounds like it's very important for you. So give yourself a bunch of credit, we know how much courage that takes and you're taking it on anyways!