Monday, July 20, 2009

Yoga Outside

Sometimes it seems like a good idea to do yoga outside. Especially if you're used to doing it inside. So today I took both of my classes at CHEO to the out of doors to get some fresh air and do yoga on the area I call the "grassy knoll."

It turns out it was lawn-mowing day. Plus weed-whacking day. Plus some kind of sawing day. I gave them the option of going back inside but they rathered stay outside with all of the crazy noises than go back inside. As I yelled my commands at times, "inhale arms up overhead!" we laughed and just had a good time. As I said, "it'll be a yoga class you'll remember."

When the whacker man saw us, a small group of people on yoga mats in a circle, clearly doing some low-key, relaxing moves, I thought he'd keep his distance. Nope. He had a job to do. Given the kind of summer it's been, he probably hasn't had much chance to get all of those long blades cut down around the trees and pillars. We didn't complain. Again, it was a yoga class to remember.

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