Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Still All Yoga

At first I wasn't sure I liked the intensity of the current Yoga Teacher Training Program I'm leading with Kat. It takes over, there's no "me" time, there's no "you" time in case you've been trying to get in touch with me, which means there's no time to let my mind wander and go off into unpleasant places. As a result, I'm sleeping again, even going out a bit to see some of the free Bluesfest shows up my street, and basically feeling mainly normal. I haven't seen my daughter it what feels like weeks and that's a bit weird - there's this room in the house with a bunch of stuff in it and no one's in it, and I have to say that is a bit bizarre, but otherwise things are cool.

I was saying to Kat yesterday that I think I kind of like doing the teacher training like this. All packed in. If you're someone who's done the YTT the long way, don't worry, that has loads of its own benefits too, it's just that I'm appreciating doing it this way and I wasn't expecting to. Mind you, when the YTT is over school starts again and basically summer's over, but that's okay, it turns out it hasn't been much of a summer after all.

Being with a group that all knows each other and is progressing together and is basically on the same page is so different than the groups I usually teach, which are drop in or short term, or the attendance varies. In this course everyone's there almost all the time and we're moving forward as a group and there's something so satisfying about that. The long version of the YTT is like that as well, which is part of what makes a yoga teacher training so fun for me.

This YTT has a big 12-day intensive, a month break to practice and do work (and let me go to Omega to teach at Family Week), and then another 12-day intensive. So even if other things have to be put on hold, that's fine. I think some wounds are healing because I don't have the chance to pick at them and when I resurface I'll be in a new place.

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