Monday, July 27, 2009

New Shoes

I made a spontaneous purchase this evening. I bought new shoes. Okay they're not really shoes, they're sandals. They're high heeled sandals. Completely not practical. Remi thought they were excellent and has already asked to wear them.

Here's another thing on the list of yoga teacher expectations - they don't wear impractical shoes. Their shoes are comfortable. Let me tell you, these high heels are comfortable! I was talking with one of my yoga teacher friends about shoes, well, we've talked about it on many occasions, including stopping being yoga teachers and opening a shoe store instead, and she misses the fancy footwear that came with her old job. I never had a job that required or accepted high heels for most of my life. I just haven't taken them up. Tonight's the night.

Not only are they impractical, they are expensive. Good. That makes this even more memorable. It was a treat to myself. Being 42 and getting some luxurious footwear. And now that I'm even taller I can just go ahead and keep on growing. Why stop at 5'3.5"? I think I could end up at 5'6" in these babies.

Wearing high heels requires different pants. (It's about time I get some new pants to be honest.) These sandals won't go with most of my clothes - I don't think - but I really don't know. I think I'm going to need to build a wardrobe around my new shoes. Help. Help me. Please! Friends, please assist me in figuring out what to wear with casual high heels. Your input is welcome.


Kat Mills said...

They are FABULOUS!!!!! Does Shoe-Envy make me a bad yogini? Sighhhhhh....

Nina said...

Jamine, they're gorgeous and you should wear them with long, sexy, tight jeans.

Jamine said...

Oh Kat, these are available in your neighbourhood, neighbour!

And Nina, thanks for the tip. I was thinking jeans, too. I could start there ;)

Cristina said...

Hey, they TOTALLY look like Miami shoes as far as I am concerned:)

I fully agree with the jeans. I think you should go skinny jeans like, totally; they would go great with your new heels, plus they double up awesome as no-heels pants, cause they look good and make you look taller when you were them with flats and they kind of fall-wrinkle on the top of your feet. --You already have some pretty cool tops you can pair up with your skinny jeans & heels, so let's say you get a pair of skinny blue jeans and a pair of skinny sexy black pants --they can be jean-shaped but black and other material, you know what I mean--, and you're all set for the summer-fall. --You can try them for size at the mall or whatever and shop online, it will be cheaper and fun.

Can you tell I get excited about shopping? :)

This shoes can go awesome with skirts/dresses too, I think I've always seen you in pants but maybe you were those too.

April said...

I love the shoes! Shoes are great!
Shoes are the best! I wish I had more shoes! I wish I had better feet so that I could wear better shoes!

leslie said...

Hi Jamine, Your new shoes are totally not what I would wear but I bet they look great on you. I like heels with long flared pants and I think skinny jeans are best on really skinny people so I think you should wear your new shoes and go and try on different pants. I agree they will look great with skirts and dresses which are so cool in the summer when it gets really hot. ha. ha. Love the shoes, Leslie

libragal said...

you could totally wear those shoes with wide leg, blue denim and a simple fitted cotton tank top (your favourite colour and style). after dark, throw on a shrug, scarf or cute jacket and you're set - simple, chic, anytime, anywhere.

Jamine said...

Thanks for the tips, guys! I wore the shoes today with my capris and that seemed to work. I will definitely buy some new jeans and see what happens.

Remi was so mad I got those shoes - she wants to wear them so badly! But today she taught me how to walk in them - walk more on the toe, not so much on the heel and put your foot down. I asked if she got that from watching those fashion tv shows and she said that's it. Too funny.