Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not Quite There Yet

Using my flight analogy, it turns out I had a connecting flight to make after I went through customs. In a bumpy, little plane. It went up, bumped around, went down. And NOW I'm on my way home. Whew. All that to say there was a little more drama yesterday involving texts, phone calls, escalating to face-to-face on a dark sidewalk in minus 10 with tears. Ooops.

I really, really don't like breaking up. I'd so much rather stay together and work things out. But that is not what is happening and I'm pleased to say that I'm not breaking up, we broke up already. It's already done and in the past. It actually had happened a long time ago but I wasn't with it (psychic) enough to understand what had happened. Nevermind.

I met with my coach today and confirmed that indeed, a break up occurred. I am grieving and moving on with my life. Bummer, but I'm getting closer to having what I want. Plus if I go back to the trip idea, I had a really good time. I enjoyed those 2 years. I had a great time a lot of the time! We laughed and were really fun together. Remi had fun.

My coach said I might enjoy the Enneagram. I'm checking it out. Another tool for transformation and creating distinctions so I can see myself.

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