Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Cold

I've got it. The dreaded summer cold. It started with Remi having a cold a few days ago and yesterday it was official. I've got it too. So I made my way over to my local health food store to invest in some ColdFX. Guess what? No gots. "Whaaa? Whaddya mean there's no ColdFX in the store? What am I supposed to do?" Kathy suggested vitamin C, oregano and greens. So that's what I'm doing. Plus a bit of complaining and feeling sorry for myself thrown in for good measure.

I just hope this gets out of my system soon or next Sunday's drive down to Omega will be torture. I expect it will be fine, it's just fun to be dramatic sometimes.

I'm still car-obsessed in case you're wondering. I almost wound up back at the Toyota dealership on Friday after a call from Dave, my leasing guy, to tell me I'm actually registered as driving a 2008 Yaris instead of a 2005 Echo in case I'm pulled over. I asked him if he wouldn't mind straightening that out and he said he'd "do what he could." Hmm. I didn't go to the Toyota dealership after all as I ran out of time on my way to teach my 5:15 class, but I did drop by the Lincoln dealership on the way back from my mom's. I know. But I'd seen a smallish Lincoln on the highway the other day and I just wanted to see what that was about.

What that was, was an MK-Z, the smaller version of the MK-S. Remi got in the back seat of the MK-S and did not want to get out. Big fat leather seats, sun roof, full on passenger comfort. It wouldn't matter how much money I had at my disposal, that would not be my car of choice. Neither would the lighter version of it, the MK-Z. It was nice, but not my style. It conjures up images of cigar smoking big daddies for some reason. And the smaller one screams real estate agent. I don't know why.

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