Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For

So it looks like I've "sold" my car. Wow. That was so not hard. I checked out a Honda Fit this morning but didn't take it for a drive even though that's what I told the guy I wanted to do when I booked the appointment duh, and I also stopped by the VW dealership to see the Rabbit that's in the lot - the last 08 Rabbit in town. All nice cars. And then there's Catherine's leased Mazda 3 that she's trying to offload. I'm going to drive that one tomorrow and see what I think. It's got leather seats and a sunroof. Oooh. Speaking of sunroofs, I got in a car that had the most amazing sunroof ever at the VW place. I think it's called a Tiguan. Holy smokes. That was something else. Makes me totally want that car.

Anyways. So here I am. I asked and I got. Now what?

I'm a frugal person as I've mentioned. That's part necessity and part how I operate. But I love cars. I love to drive, I'd rather be the driver than a passenger, and here's a chance to shake it up and create a whole other world for myself out in that parking spot. Or I could do the "smart" thing and be frugal and go safe. Safe is good, I'm all over safe. However, beyond safe is this wild space of great big sunroofs and wipe-able upholstery. There's power everything and heated seats.

If I take Catherine's lease for a year I could hold out and buy a car next year when the prices come down and an iPod plug are standard fare.

Remi liked every car we tried. She sat in the Honda Fit and said, "I think you should get this car." She got in the Rabbit and said the same thing. She's not much help. But her comfort and safety are really important to me and that's why I'm not going with the Yaris, for instance. If I couldn't afford to keep her safe that would be one thing, but I think I'm in a position to get a car that has safety features for rear passengers.

Anyways, enough of this for today. More yoga to teach. I think I'll ride my bike to CHEO!

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