Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Almost Back to Normal

I'm still catching up from being away and this is the last week of summer holidays for Remi, so I'm thinking that by NEXT week, things should be getting back to normal. I'll have my days free to myself again and old classes will start up and I'll be back into a routine. For now, things are still a bit scattered.

Yesterday I found myself still thinking about the car thing and I called my mom because I had basically talked myself into taking my car back to the dealer with a penalty and just getting a basic Yaris hatchback. My mom wasn't that cooperative. "C'mon Mom. Can you see a flaw in my logic? I'll just let them handle my old car and I'll just get a shorter lease this time and well, would that be the right thing?" She is concerned that I'm taking so long to make what she considers to be a basic decision about something that doesn't matter very much. I told her I thought maybe I needed to talk to a guy about this. John overheard me and said I could talk to him about it, but we both know that doesn't go the way I want it to because he really doesn't care that much about cars and is all excited about his new job as the Director of Marketing and Communications of the Ottawa Little Theatre.

I knew it was time to sign up for Consumer Reports. I had been leaving that piece out of my research because I'd have to pay for it. After reading through the reviews of the cars I have been considering it made me think that the Yaris was not the best idea but that the Rabbit was, which would mean selling my car or finding someone to take over the lease. That's the part I really didn't want to do myself. But then I was thinking about how it can't be that bad and what is it I'm really avoiding about it and then we went out to eat. While I was out I got a call from someone who'd heard about my car and is totally interested in having a short lease on a car that can be driven a lot. Bingo. How bad was that? It wasn't! It's not a done deal by any means, but I keep learning that oftentimes the things I think are scary from afar, when looked at up close, aren't that big a deal. And that's the part my mom was pointing to. Sometimes things are uncomfortable but they're there anyways and they may be on the path to things we want that will be more comfortable. I learn not to totally avoid the uncomfortable. I can try, but it doesn't work out for long.

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