Sunday, August 17, 2008

Leaving Omega

So the week has gone by and we're getting ready to leave Omega within the hour. Whew! It was a great time for both me and Remi. I taught lots of yoga and she did a Kids Camp (Mask Making) for 5 days and then hung out with her friend, Amber, for the weekend.

I talked to other people about cars, and even walked around the parking lot with an old friend, Jim, and discussed the various pros and cons. He's got an Acura and is very happy with it. I'll have to test-drive one of those when I get home. Lots of Toyota Priuses on the road and Amina got a new (to her) Honda hybrid while I was here.

Leaving is bitter/sweet. We've had a good time and we're ready to go home. However, we're not going home yet. We're heading to New Haven to visit an old friend from Kripalu and then another friend I met through Sam Dworkis' work in Rhode Island. So we'll be awhile.

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