Monday, August 18, 2008

No Yoga Today

We're in New Haven and there was no formal yoga today. We played and ate and napped and visited. I did do a full Thai yoga massage, so I did stretch and connect, but it wasn't at all like leading a yoga class. Mindi liked the massage and said it was like getting a good stretch plus a massage and she didn't have to do anything! Whoohoo!

Tomorrow we are going to the mecca for girls, the American Girl Place. This is on par with Disneyland. We're taking the train into New York City and then making our way to the store. We will shop and look around and hang out and come back for Tea at 4, when we have reservations. It's wild. Girls for blocks around look like they are dressed for church and are holding their dolls. Once inside, it's 3 levels of all dolls, all clothes, all things for girls and dolls and the people who love them.

This is a big deal.

On another note, Mindi drives a Saab. It's pretty used, but it has a sunroof, heated seats and it feels good. But it's expensive to fix. That's what Jim had warned me about - he said his mechanic said stay away from Mercedes and Saab and go towards Japanese cars. And I saw one other Echo on the highway today. Around Ottawa, there are tons of Echos, but here on the East Coast, there are few. There are loads of Toyota Priuses here though, and very few of those in Ottawa.

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Lola said...

i know someone selling a 2000 saab wagon standard/stick shift!