Saturday, August 9, 2008

Road Trip

Remi and I are getting ready to go on our road trip tomorrow morning. I'm blogging and she's playing on the Wii, that's how we're getting ready :)

So I may have found the car that would work. Remi loved the Rabbit and the Golf, as I took her to see them after the Navan Fair yesterday. When I got to Rama Lotus, Catherine mentioned that she's trying to get rid of her car because it's too small for her and her new baby, who needs a rear-facing car seat. Her car has all, and I mean, all of the trimmings I'd want in a car, plus it meets the criteria of being a standard with a sun roof. Now I just need Martina to take over my car payment, which is significantly less than Catherine's Mazda 3, and then we'll be in business. It's not in time to spare Remi a hot trip in the back seat of the car, but it will be there as an option when I return in a couple of weeks.

I think part of my car obsession is to distract me from some of the other things going on around me. And it works. There is so much happening outside of my door, all the time, everyday, and I notice it and I don't want to shut down, but I can't be facing it all the time.

One of my old students was even interviewed on the news last night as a girl living on the street, about that recently uncovered abduction situation. When we walk our very cute dog, invariably we are in "conversation" with all kinds. It's an adventure everyday.

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