Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stressed Out

My street is unbelievable and it's getting worse. It's non-stop crack on the doorsteps and it's really tough. People smoke openly, gangs of people group up together to receive their deliveries, and since the construction started on King Edward and the gallery on Cumberland moved, things have gotten noticeably worse. It's hard to go out and walk the dog without encountering people. It's not a like a normal walk down the street around here. It's always something. And right now, I'm feeling a bit stressed out by it. What if it didn't get to me? What if I wasn't bothered? This week it's bothering me.

So I want a new car. That'll fix it.

I met Catherine's car today and drove it. What a nice car. I could say lots more but I've spent so much time on this - it's how I spent my summer holiday really. Car shopping. And it's been fun! But it's crunch time. School starts on Tuesday and this will all be over by then too.

It turns out for the same monthly payment price, I could have a new Rabbit, the car I've isolated as a leader. After talking to Mike though, he suggested I look for a used car as the price drops 20 per cent when you drive it off the lot. Sure enough, at the VW place they have a used Rabbit that's considerably less than the last '08 on the lot and it's an '08 too. However, there's a financing incentive with the "new-new" one that is not available with the "used-new" one. The new one also has a sunroof and can be leased, whereas the used new one must be purchased.

Oh, what to do. Tamsin thinks I've spent enough time already on it and she may be right. I'm *almost* done.


Lola said...

do you ever get the desire to move? you often talk about your neighbourhood and are able to bring out the positive and/or sometimes MAKE the positive which i don't know if i could do but it sounds like it is becoming more challenging living there....
just wondering:)

Jamine said...

I get the desire to move for sure! I'm committed to being here for a few reasons though - school, John's work, the Market - and to move at this point doesn't make much sense. I also think the neighbourhood will get better. I think the awareness of mental health issues will continue to grow and the pendulum will swing the other way. I'm betting on that...

I also know that my surroundings and circumstances have nothing to do with how I feel. There are loads of unhappy people in beautiful, quiet neighbourhoods. I have been happy here and I trust I will be again.

Thanks for the comment though!

Lola said...

I love your spin on things. Your choice to live authentically and consciously is inspiring:) AND thought provoking:)