Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now That's More Like It

I just came back from the Volkswagen dealership and I must say, that was fun. I drove 2 cars that felt more comfortable and more like me than the others I've driven. What got me into action was talking to Saturn about their new "euro-style" Astra. So I made an appointment and took it for a drive. Nice car. Great sunroof. I've come to the conclusion that a sunroof is a requirement, and the Astra has an awesome sunroof - it even has a bit of extra for the person in the back seat.

And then I got to the VW place. I took out the City Golf, and that seemed more like it. The City Golf comes with the option of a sunroof. But it had a bit of a "boy" feel to it, like I'd be able to sell it in a few years to a young guy buying his first car. Andrew, my new dealer buddy, suggested I take a look at the Rabbit. I drove an automatic Rabbit, which apparently is even more fuel efficient than the manual because it has 6 gears instead of 5 in stick shift variety. The one I drove around did not have a sunroof, however. As it turns out, there is a Rabbit somewhere on their lot that's automatic with a sunroof at the 2008 interest rates. The one I was test driving was used and I would totally have considered it, but there's no sun roof.

A Rabbit doesn't look as fun as some of the cars out there, but it feels really fun inside. I thought I'd like the Saturn Astra a lot, with the OnStar and stuff and it wasn't that hot. Plus resale-wise it's going to suck.

Anyways, I'm getting closer. Now I've got to deal with this Echo I have on my hands. Anyone interested in a cheap lease? Just over a year left? Lots of kilometers left to drive?

And I still have a cold, which has gotten worse. Not so bad that I couldn't drive around, and it is my day off after all, but it's still a drag. And maybe it's just allergies. It's not always easy to say.


mae callen said...

Rabbits are nice, so are Golfs... but what about a hot red 1971 MG Miget ?

April said...

I would advise avoiding any Saturn product. I bought a brand new Saturn in 2001, had nothing but problems for the first 3 years. I tried to trade it in for another car 2 years ago and it had actually depreciated by $19000. Never again. I had an Astra for a week while yet another 'recall' was sorted on my Saturn. I love driving and love cars but found that the Astra just didn't measure up. I did enjoy driving it for the hottest week of this summer season (we don't have AC), but I couldn't wait to give it back.