Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No New Car

It's official for the moment. I'm not getting a new car. I guess I should make sure the car dealer who really wants me to take over his lease knows all that. He called me again today. Anyways, John sold his car yesterday and I've still got the Echo. My plan now is to take it to the States and put new tires on while I'm there. It might be hot in the car for Remi, but that's how it's been for years and it's not going to change now! I'll wait out the car situation and see what happens in the next little while. I found out tonight in class and then it was confirmed on the news on CBC that leasing is going to change. So we'll wait and see.

Yoga. Of course, there's lots about yoga everyday in my life. Yesterday as I was at CHEO and I bumped into quite a few graduates from the EDP. They were so bright and happy and what a treat for me to see them again! Working with those guys is so different than many of the other classes I teach because I see them twice a week and it's a tight group.

And I met with Catherine and Robert today about the yoga teacher training. I'm going to be the "lead teacher," and it was nice to see their support. I'm looking forward to being in that role and it's also challenging too.

On another note, I enjoyed giving a Thai massage to Tara today. She agreed to offer her body for my practice and I got through all of what I know so far. I really like doing it. It feels so good to get it and I know how that is, so I enjoy doing it for other people. I can hardly wait to learn the rest of the Thai massage routine! I'm keeping a list of who else wants me to practice on them, so let me know if you want to be on the list!

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