Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Had Fun at the Forum Yesterday

I went to Montreal yesterday to be on the production team for the Landmark Forum. I had so much fun. As a yoga teacher, I work alone a lot of the time, and sometimes I long for a team. I miss the social interactions that come with "going to work." So spending the day on a team in action satisfied some of that craving. I felt useful and got to do lots of different tasks and I like that.

Helping out for the day was a way that I could get a "hit" of the Forum work without actually having to go for the whole weekend as a participant. But as I was sitting in the back I noticed I was making plans for when I could put my bum back in that chair again...

My life goes better when I'm immersed in the "conversation" that happens during Landmark Education courses. I talk to my family more. I'm more relaxed. I get to remind myself to stop blaming other people or situations for why things are. It makes me feel more in control of my life and helps me see where I've been acting like a victim even though I know better.

I know that clearing things out is a process - with physical things as well as subtle things. I do it once and then after it starts to collect again, I do it again. It's like vacuuming - as an old friend from Omega used to say, "it's like vacuuming. You do it once and then six months later, you have to do it again." (It's a joke!)

Going back to the Forum is like getting more coaching. I'm not an athlete, but from what I've seen, most of them have coaches, even though they might not "need" them. Surely they're better than their coaches in many cases. But they use a coach to help them see what they don't. I use a personal trainer at the gym for education and motivation. It just works better that way for me. So taking a weekend workshop can be like getting some coaching in life.

If you haven't come to an Introduction and you would like to hear more about it, let me know and I'll set something up (I'm totally trained to do that now!). And if you're into yoga, or you're a yoga teacher and want to freshen up, the Landmark Forum would be an awesome complement to your practice. Speaking of being a yoga teacher, I'd better hurry up and get to class!


I realized as I was making my toast that I didn't really say what happened and I kind of made it nice. It was nice but what I really got yesterday is how awesome my life is. I love my life. And one of the things I've done to make it great is I do hard stuff. So when people from Ottawa were complaining about how far it is to go to Montreal for the seminar that's included in the Forum I ended up at the mike sharing about how I live in Ottawa too. Plus have a kid, etc., and loads of good excuses why I can't do something and it reminded me of how much fun it is to do stuff that's hard! Someone I know lives in Ottawa and actually works in Toronto. That's tough. But she has a life that she loves and an awesome role that makes a huge contribution to society (thanks to being a human rights lawyer). That's inspiring. Things I've done that I'm proud of aren't the things that came simply and easy to me, they're the things I was deliberate at and had to take a big swing at. And there were loads of lululemon people there. Chip was the one who told me again about the Landmark Forum and he built his business on helping people have great lives. Hearing those guys moan about how far it is, it just reminded me of myself because that's what I said. And check me out now. I could to Ottawa - Montreal with my eyes closed. (But I don't. I keep my eyes open. Unless I don't have to. But usually I'm awake on the drive...)


Contribute to Someone said...


Thank you for your post. I notice that I am much more effective in my life when I am part of a team. One of the things I got out of doing the Landmark Forum was looking at my family in the context of a team instead of a bunch of personalities that sometimes annoyed me. It is amazing because my family has come together in a whole new way to cooperate in taking care of my ailing Grandmother. This was not likely going to happen if I didn't take a stand for people's cooperation. (Most of them have not participated in Landmark's Courses by the way)

Peter said...

Hi Jasmine.

I was a participant of the course. Thanks for volunteering your time and making the event smooth. At first, I was aghast at all that FREE labor the forum takes advantage of...after living through the outcome and reading your post, I get it! Thanks for sharing.

Jamine said...

Thanks for sharing on my blog! I really do get so much out of that work/education. It's a real treat to be involved when it's in action.