Friday, July 25, 2008

The Wave has Crashed

So the wave of car confusion has crashed and it's all quiet on the beach for a bit. That was a fun ride. I drove new cars, got lots of great ideas, and I'm still looking at a Toyota Echo in my parking spot. I'm sure the wave will come again and I'll be reviewing this over and over.

My sister reminded me I do like to drive and that when I got the Echo I was making a compromise and that it would be totally in my nature to have a car I love to drive. She's right! So perhaps I'll get around to calling some ads for fun cars and see what I like to drive again. I know I won't love driving a big car that costs a ton to fill up. I already gasp filling up my tank for 45 bucks. But a previously posh car could be fun. Something with a sunroof and stick shift works for me...

It's really okay to have preferences. Our preferences even help us let go of attachment. If we didn't get a bit attached, we wouldn't get to practise letting go! I'm a bit attached to having computers around, for instance. But not so attached that I can't lend them out to people in need ;)

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