Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shiva, the Destroyer (or Bye-Bye South-Side Stands)

In a couple of minutes the south-side stands at Lansdowne Park are coming down. I'm watching it on the webcam just because I happen to be home at this time to watch. Why not, it could be cool. I heard on the radio Friday that they basically are just breaking the beams that hold everything up and then gravity takes over - it's not an "explosion," it's an "implosion." It'll be neat.

Shiva is the aspect of god that destroys or breaks things down. Everything comes to an end and that energy is part of creation and life itself.

I think the guy just said "three minutes to take down." Cooool. Oh now my screen just went blank! I can hear the whoop of the alarm and there's no picture! Now it's back. Gone again. I hope that Rogers gets this fixed before anything "happens."

Shiva's not bad, although lots of us fear the Destroyer, and sometimes we call on Shiva to help us end things in our lives we're ready to have gone. Shiva's just a part of the cycle.

Here we go! Screen went black again! There's a countdown but no picture :( Lots of noise but I can't see anything... I guess I'll check back later for the instant replay. Something's happening, lots of dust, noise, (but the video isn't exactly "streaming" oh Dear Sympatico.)

Go Shiva, Go!

(I came back to it a few minutes later and the replay is much better.)