Monday, July 14, 2008

The Softest Thing in the World

I used to think that the softest thing in the world I have ever touched was my newborn baby's bum. When Remi was born her skin was so soft and buttery and was so so soft I couldn't believe it. And then I touched a small stingray. Wow. Was that ever soft.

Remi and I were tourists this past long weekend (we lengthened it ourselves) in Toronto. I used to live in Toronto growing up, so it was funny to go back and be a total tourist. We did the Eaton Centre, the Science Centre, we rode the subway and bus and streetcar, we went up the CN Tower and even made it to the Toronto Zoo. I wouldn't have even paid the extra admission charge to see the stingrays, but one of Remi's friends made a special point of telling her that she HAD to go to Stingray Bay, so I did the right thing and bought the tickets and we made that our number one stop at the zoo.

Stingrays, who'd have thought? It's the one place I found in the zoo where you could get that close to the animals and actually touch them. They're in a temporary exhibit that will be gone at the end of the summer. If you get a chance to go to Toronto and make it out to the zoo, I highly recommend you pet some stingrays. Super-soft.

On another note, the drive to and from has left my hip in need of some good stretching, which I've been doing a lot of today. I drive a manual car and I'm thinking maybe of switching to something with cruise control. Hmmm. Or just do what I do and enjoy the "rich" stretches afterwards! We've got another long drive coming up this summer when we go to Omega in August. I'm teaching yoga there again during the week that has Family Week in it. So if you're going to Omega August 10-17 and you take optional yoga classes, I'll be your teacher :)

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