Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yoga Gives you Energy

I was doing some research today into the relationship between states of mind and breathing patterns and I came across an article by someone who said that meditation and other deliberate relaxation techniques actually slow down aging. It said that experienced meditators appear younger and live longer than the rest of the population.

I know that regular yoga practice gives me energy. Lots of us don't do yoga because we think it's going to take energy to do the yoga practice, but it actually gives us energy - and not just today, the day we're doing the practice - it gives us energy later on in our lives - when we could really use it! So there's a motivator.

I was talking to someone today about having kids later in life and he was saying he doesn't want to be old and have young kids because of the energy it would take. Being a mom myself, I'm aware of how much energy it can take. But there's no reason you can't feel as energetic at 50 as you did at 30. You may not be able to run as fast for as long but your overall energy can certainly stay high if you do a regular yoga and meditation practice coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle of good foods, adequate sleep, etc. That doesn't make it a good reason to have kids or to not have kids, I'm just saying that you can do things to keep your energy level high so you can do the things you want to in your life. Don't cut it short because you're afraid in the future you won't have the energy!

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Osho said...

That was a cool article. thanks for sharing.