Sunday, April 29, 2007

I work on the weekends

I'm putting a picture up of Leslie and I want to see how long it takes her to notice the picture's here. She's an awesome yogini and this pose she's doing is so good I'm sure she won't really mind her lovely form being shared with people on the "interweb."

I still have lots of ice cream left (see posting below) but I'm working at eating it all. There's still enough to share, so again, let me know if you want to have some.

I work on the weekends. Have for a long time. Occasionally I'll get a reminder of what it's like to have a weekend and I must admit, it's really nice. But it's not so nice that I'd give up being a yoga teacher to have weekends again. One of the things about teaching yoga to people is you have to teach when people have time to take yoga classes. Go figure.

I picked up a book on the table of the bookstore next to the Bytowne cinema and it was just the right book. Does that ever happen to you? I didn't take any time at all, just saw the book, saw the price, and bought it. It's called "The Way to Love: The Last Meditations of Tony De Mello." What an inspiring book to get to read during the yoga teacher training. I read from it this morning during my regular class and a couple of people asked about it and I ended up just lending it out. I got enough from the couple of pages I read. I think if he had still been alive and writing now, he would have been a blogger.

It's fun to find the teachings of yoga in other traditions. It's pretty easy to do as yoga's everywhere. So today I was inspired by the writings of a Jesuit priest.

I'm distracted as I'm writing right now. I'm writing next to someone watching Chris Farley SNL clips laughing his head off. I'll see if I can find the yogic teachings here...

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