Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I Like Beginners

I was thinking yesterday about how I really like teaching yoga to beginners and that it's probably my speciality. I like teaching intermediate students and I love teaching the yoga teacher training, but there's something special about a gang of beginners that warms my heart. Then someone shared with me something after class last night that reminded me that I've gotten out of touch with my beginners because I forgot what it's like for them. For some of them.

Yoga has the power to transform your life. And I know that and I live that but I forget that. I figure everyone can do yoga no problem and that everyone wants transformation and that when it starts showing up people will welcome that and be happy and I forgot that it's not always pleasant. And although I warn people in class that sometimes they'll feel emotionally uncomfortable in a pose, I don't always mention that after they've started practising they may start to be uncomfortable in their jobs and lives. It's been a while since I reminded people that when they become more sensitive to their bodies and to their own selves that they may become more sensitive to their environment. And I think it may be good that that happens, I forget that it occurs as uncomfortable for some people.

People should know that sometimes yoga practice will open them up and if what they're doing in their lives is irritating them, they may start to notice those sensations even more. They may notice people's energy and feel that they need to shield themselves from some of it. They may notice that things they've become numb to actually bother them.

When we practise yoga we start to wake up. And waking up means becoming aware of everything - the good and the bad.

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