Monday, April 30, 2007

Yoga and Taxes

I leave everything to the last minute it seems. So I'm taking a break from finishing my taxes to report that this morning I was very inspired by Tony de Mello's biography. I'm not sure what he'd say about taxes, as he's very much about living in the moment, however, I got the impression he was very dutiful and probably paid his taxes.

His articles are worth reading. Check them out!

The Sens are still leading in the 3rd period as I can hear from the TV in the other room and I'm going to get back to my filing...

It's almost 11 now. The Sens won (2-0) and I cannot get in far enough to to actually add my info. So it looks like I won't be filing tonight after all. Guess I'll breathe and meditate and deal with it tomorrow!

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