Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga isn't really "couples' yoga," although many couples come to the class. It's really more like yoga for two bodies. And maybe I'd add, bodies that don't mind getting to know each other. Because sometimes partner yoga gets personal.

We do lifts in partner yoga, where you take turns lifting each other up using your feet to lift your partner up. Sometimes this doesn't make for a great date night - like if your boyfriend can't lift you up or your back gets hurt trying to lift up your partner. Lifts are definitely not the only thing we do in partner yoga but it's one of the funnest parts.

I've thought about not offering the lifts during the class so as to protect people from this potentially awkward experience and the last time couple of times I led the class I have actually asked people if they wanted to do it and gave them the option not to, and they all wanted to do it. So I figure we'll keep offering the lifting part.

The funnest lift for me is like an airplane you did when you're a kid. I like it when my sister lifts me. She's good at it - she's really strong, has had lots of practice, and makes it seem fun. I've seen her lift the trickiest cases. For lots of people, to get up into a lift is scary and makes them feel vulnerable. Karina doesn't waste any time, she just gets your hands, puts her feet in your hips at the right spot, and up you go. It's neat to watch the expressions on people's faces when they get lifted like that for the first time. It's freeing.

So Partner Yoga happened on Friday night and it was fun! We did the lifts and I warned people ahead about it and they still chose to do it. Karina joined me and it was a great night.

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