Friday, April 13, 2007

Teaching Anyways

If I had a job that gave me sick days, I would take one today. I feel like I'm starting to come down with a cold in my chest. I've been taking Cold-fX for a few weeks regularly and then last night I bumped up my dosage. Oh well. So much for people doing yoga getting less colds and stuff. I won't give myself a hard time about it but I know my co-teacher in the teacher training often says that people who do yoga don't get sick. Maybe I'm just "cleansing," as we used to say when I lived at Kripalu.

What's neat about my situation, is that I really teach no matter what. If I don't feel like it, if I'm not feeling great, if I've got other things I'd rather do. I still teach. And that gives me a chance to practise what I teach and to see myself in many different situations and under many conditions, and then come back to the centred space and be where I am, and it's always the same and good.

So I'm off to teach even though I'd rather lie on the couch and fall asleep. Because I know it makes me feel better to do it and it gets me into that space where I really get that I'm not my body and my feelings and I'm way more than that.

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