Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some People Still Don't Do Yoga

I met some people tonight who don't do yoga. Weird. Do you know any people like that? They've heard of it but aren't about to try it? Even my Mac trainer yesterday was like, "if I get a sore back I lie on the couch." He was only sort of kidding.

Some people don't exercise at all! Bizarre. Then again, I remember when I was younger and I didn't have a habit of exercising and I just didn't do it. Sometimes I lived in places that required me to get "natural exercise" by having it built in - tree planting, living in an ashram, working at Omega - and I could get away with not doing formal exercise.

But a day did come when it didn't work for me to not work my body. And then a day came where it did not work for me to not work my mind. Spirit's day came too. Especially after all of that Caroline Myss stuff recently!

Anyway, if you have a thought that perhaps a friend you have might benefit from yoga, please encourage them to do so! Bring them to class! Get them a (my) DVD! It really makes a difference.

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