Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Not Too Late to Have a New Year's Resolution

If you've been thinking it's time to get back to yoga or you're thinking it might be time to meditate, but then you noticed that it's getting to the end of January and you missed your chance to start the year off right, please think again. It's okay to start now! Anytime is a good time to start a practice. Any day will work to begin.

I'm always so impressed by people who come to class for the first time. They just get it together, get themselves to Rama Lotus or wherever, fill out the forms, pay, get changed, find their room, and then actually get into a class for the first time. Amazing. I think it takes a lot of guts to do that and I try to make it as comfortable as possible for people who do show up. So if you haven't come before and you're thinking about it, just come. And if you've come before but it's been awhile and you just need to get back into it, just come.

If you need to ask me some questions beforehand, fire away. If you want a reminder, just send me an email and I'll remind you. If it's your birthday and you need me to sing Happy Birthday to you in the class, just let me know, we can swing that I'm sure.

So just come. And if you get stopped, just keep going. Come late if you have to. My hatha classes are especially easy to come a few minutes late to unlike the Bikram classes. Just come. Wear whatever (my site has a description about that However you are will work.

See you tomorrow night at 7:30!

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