Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skype Meditation

Sometimes we need some support for our meditation. I sure do. And when I shared that with my old ashram buddy, Mindi, she could totally relate. Company can be lots stronger than willpower. When Michael was here in November, it was way easier to practise because he was doing it too. Last year when I was doing the Presence Process, that was also much easier because it was short and it was doable. But when that little program was over and when there aren't people here, I can get busy and distracted and stop.

As I've revealed over the years of my blog, when things go badly and I meditate, it helps. But then things start going better and I stop. The trick I'm working on is meditating even when things are good or basically I'm working on being consistent in my practice.

So Mindi and I made arrangements last night to meditate together for a few minutes over Skype today because we do not live near each other. I still did my morning thing I'm working on, and then I added a few more minutes in the evening.

Sometimes we need to just ask for help. Ask for what we want. And sometimes we'll get it. So don't be surprised to hear that people you think are strong in something need help too sometimes!

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