Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Schedule Change

There has been a recent change in my schedule and it has me thrown off a bit. I used to teach a Hatha Intermediate class at 5:45 and then whip over to the Hatha Beginner class down the hall that begins at 7:30.

A new room is opening up at Rama Lotus this "term" but not for another week. I decided to try a new class that will begin at 4:30, which means I won't be leading the 5:45 Intermediate class anymore. But the schedule started before the room was ready, which means I'm feeling like I'm supposed to be somewhere but I'm not. Next week I'm supposed to be somewhere, but today I'm in the right place, which is at home at my computer working on the business plan for the iPhone thingee and blogging to y'all.

I could have just gone to the class and taken it, thereby keeping myself in a schedule and I even really thought about doing that, but then I stayed where I was, all warm and at home. I did some yoga right here in my livingroom, in my jeans I might add (I tell you, you do not need fancy clothes for yoga), and now I'm about to get ready to head over to lead the class at 7:30. Weird.

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