Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Wednesday, it's Late

I know it's late. I'm about to retire for the evening but I thought I'd take a moment to breathe. To relax. To allow what's there to be there. And tonight, to be grateful. There's a lot going on as usual in a life, but right now I choose to narrow my focus on a couple of things that really feel good. Often those are things that are outside myself, like I had my hair cut today and that feels good, my Mac is on its way (it made it from Alaska to Kentucky today according to UPS), I have people writing stuff to me that feels so creative and adventurous, I've got great people to hang out with, and those are things that are outside myself.

On the inside I have access to realms that are not impacted by the outside so much. I notice myself and who I am no matter what's going on on the outside. That Self that watches my life with me, that's there all the time. The Self that's the same as when I was 16 or 26 and I expect when I'm 66 and beyond. I'm still listening to Caroline Myss, and the repetition of her teachings takes me to new places each time. My meditation is too easy now, like wow, and I think I'm also sitting in some of the benefits of that.

Oh, and there's this little trip I'm taking in just over a week. There's seems to be a benefit to having something in your future to look forward to that seems to make the Now a little more fun. So maybe that outside bit is impacting the inside bit. I don't know.

In any case, I close the evening grateful.

Oh, and here's a video Remi made while I was out for a bit. She went to bed happy too, pleased with her little creation.

Bloopers from Remi Amazing on Vimeo.

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