Monday, November 5, 2007

Still a Mystery

Well, I've retraced my steps and I have not run into my power cord or to the owner of the power cord I have in my Targus backpack. Oh well. Guess I'll have to order a new one!

So I have a bit of cold and I'm taking lots of cold stuff for it - oregano, Cold FX, ocsillium or whatever those little tiny homeopathic pills are called, chicken soup, rest, vitamin C and even some zinc. My neighbour told me to drink ginger. I know it will pass and it's not even really that bad. I've had way worse colds. When I teach yoga and I'm not feeling 100% it doesn't seem to matter. I still feel me inside and I actually get energy from teaching the class.

I teach 3 classes on Mondays and I really enjoy them. The first class is at Rama Lotus, which is drop in format, so I'm not really sure who's going to show up. There are some regulars coming to that class now so it's getting a bit of a flow and there are familiar faces. The later classes though, have the same people week after week in general and they know what they like and I get all kinds of requests. They'll ask me at the beginning of the class, or in the middle, or whenever the mood strikes them. It's actually a nice change to have a group that talks back!

Today I skipped a side in the leg cradle move and I got called on that so quick! I think I probably hardly ever miss a side of a pose and I figure if it happened in a big drop in class no one would tell me, but in the little class they'd let me know straight away. Maybe I'm underestimating my drop in classes and maybe it's really that I hardly ever skip anything people are expecting, but it was funny to have such an attentive group. Whoops! Guess my cold did get me in a fog after all...

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