Sunday, November 25, 2007

Megan's Blog

Megan shared in her blog yesterday about my blog. I want to say something about Megan and her blog - she doesn't pretend. When we go around pretending like we're not sad or bummed out or depressed we deny ourselves what's really going on. In the Landmark Education terminology, which is kind of jargony but makes total sense to me, you be authentic about where you're inauthentic. And that's the best place to be. Being real about where you're at.

And when Megan shares her story and her victories I'm with her. I learn too. I heal my sadness too.

If you're sad, you can be sad and just breathe into it and sometimes it passes. But you don't breathe into it to make it go away, it just will when it's done. It's the practice of pratyhara - taking your senses inside. It's on the way to meditation.

Yoga time...

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