Monday, November 12, 2007

New Program at Kripalu

I just got an email letting me know about this new program. It looks really great. So many of us finish school and really don't know what we're doing. This program addresses many of the things I was looking for after university and are why I went to Kripalu in the first place after school.

How many of our kids would benefit from a program that asks, "are you ready... to experience yoga as more than just a class at the gym? to commit to taking part in a community that demands the best in you? to make things change - starting with you?" I figure many of us could benefit from spending some time working on those things.

"For young adults ages 18-22, the program curriculum includes Self-Study and Contemplative Traditions, Meaningful Work, Effective Communication, Healthy Living, and Financial Awareness."

Wow. Good job, Kripalu!

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