Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another New Computer

I was inspired by my DVD to take another look at the Macintosh. The guy who did the DVD, the very awesome Richard Tardif, used a Mac to create the DVD. It looks really good and I was impressed with the DVD opening sequence and how you can choose chapters and stuff.

John, my boyfriend, is working on a slide show for his work and was having some difficulty with the program he was using on his PC and I suggested we try it on a Mac and see if that would make a difference. Well, now he never wants to use the PC. We've only had the Mac since Saturday and he's really sure we're keeping the Mac and that he'll never work on the old computer again. The software is beautiful and intuitive and it's what a computer should be, really.

When I first moved into the ashram I spent 3 months cleaning rooms and being on the house hold crew. Once I was clear that I was staying on I was "hired" (we were all volunteers) to help administer a computer network and train the teachers in the Programs Department how to use computers. I thought that would be funny seeing as how I didn't know much about computers, but my "boss" said he'd show me and I ended up learning a lot about Macs. I used to say that sitting in front of the Mac was like sitting on a couch - it was so comfortable to use. I didn't even know what "Windows" was at the time and I enjoyed using the computer.

At Omega we didn't have Macs but used PCs, so I found out what Windows was and said goodbye to the Mac for a long time. When I arrived in Ottawa I was tempted to buy a Mac but they were more expensive than PCs and the network where I was working wasn't real supportive of Macs, so I stuck with the PC.

This computer is so sweet and lovely. I'd been dreaming of adding a Mac to my home network for sometime and even tested an iMac a couple of years ago only to return it to the store for a few reasons. The price has come down now and the system is smooth. It's all quite gorgeous, actually.

Now there's a line at home to use it. John wants to work on his projects and Remi wants to use Photo Booth to take silly pictures of herself.

It feels yogic to me to have a Mac, since I spent so much time on it when I was living in a yoga centre. I think it almost counts as sadhana (yoga practice) to work on the Mac!


lo said...

I LOVE my mac-won't go back even though Hubby works for Microsoft....I run virtual PC on it so i have the best of both worlds!!!!!!
Welcome to the MAC world.
BTW i would really love to get together sometime, between our classes if you are open?

Jamine said...

Hey Laurel - For sure! I have a friend who works for Microsoft and owns a Mac too. Give me a call and I'd love to get together between classes!

lo said...

Okie Dokie!
I will call next week.
Moving houses this week:)Oh, those silly MAC people (like us).