Friday, November 2, 2007

Power Cord Mystery

If you've come to almost any of my yoga classes then you know that I bring my computer to class. I mostly use it to play music in classes because I have my playlists on the computer and there are speakers built in and I love having it with me, so I bring it along.

Yesterday morning I noticed that the power cord I was plugging in to my computer was a bit different and I thought that was odd and that maybe I hadn't really looked at the power cord in a while and it is an HP and well, it must be mine. I plugged it in and it didn't stick in all the way and I thought maybe I'd bumped my computer and that it was getting loose as that computer is well over a year old now. (Can you see my mind working hard to have this make sense?) I left the computer plugged in a walked away from it for half an hour while I did some other work. When I came back to it, the unit was super-hot and there was a smell of burning electronics or rubber or something not good when it comes to your second favourite computer.

So I "get" that this is not my power cord. I'm looking at it and I realize that of course, it's not my power cord, but it is someone's power cord and it is not going to charge up my computer. This is Thursday morning and I start back tracking thinking about where I've been that I could possibly of swapped my power cord. My Wednesday lunch time class was in Gatineau and I don't even bring my computer, so that can't be it. Tuesday night I was at Rama Lotus for 2 classes in a row so if I hadn't had the right cord that night my battery would have died because I played music for both of those classes straight through.

It must have been at the hospital Wednesday morning. So I call and they don't have mine and they can't think of whose power cord I have. Well, there's a mystery for you. I have an HP power cord and it is really not mine and somewhere out there is mine.

Tamsin (see photo above) told me about "universal power cords" yesterday and I figure I may have to resort to that so I go online. They're like $80 in the US and the price on the Staples site is $149 not to mention that they're out of stock at the time of this blogging. Aargh.

If you happen to have my power cord, could you please let me know asap? Maybe my theory of swapping it on Wednesday morning is wrong and it's out there someplace just waiting to be plugged in!

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