Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Meditators are Cool

I led a meditation workshop this past weekend and today in class almost half of them showed up in yoga class. Right on! Yoga and meditation are totally related and the benefits of yoga are ultimately the same as those for meditation.

There are some differences of course, but basically they get to the same place. What I'm talking about would take much more than a short blog post to get at and if you know what I mean then you already know!

The yoga teacher training is starting up again on Friday and one of my favourite things we do is go over Patanjali's yoga sutras. I love when people start to get into that stuff and how their yoga practice seems to take a new direction when they begin to "get" the sutras. We learn about muscles and anatomy and postures and alignment, but the path of yoga really leads us to inner peace and understanding. It leads us to meditation and to ourselves and all that. It's quantum physics! Experiential quantum physics, that's what it is.

I love that I get to teach yoga and meditation as my job. It's great. If you haven't learned to meditate yet, get started, or if you want some help, my Learn to Meditate workshop is happening at Rama Lotus on Sunday, December 2 from 11 - 1 :)

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