Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yoga at Omega

Teaching yoga at Omega got easier. It's actually a delight and is lots of fun. Everybody who comes to the class is motivated to do yoga. They've travelled far to get here and then they're taking their own time to come down and take my class. So they really want to be there. And even with the wide range of yoga experience people have, they seem to be open to what I teach. So that's good and splendid, really.

I'm not used to teaching so early (7 am) and that's actually been nice. My daughter, Remi, has joined me each morning in class even though she has permission to stay in our room at Crossroads and wait for me to come back. She always wants to get up at 6 and come down there with me. It's been really nice having her there. She gets my mat for me and puts it away at the end of the class.

It's Family Week at Omega and kids are welcome to come to the evening class with their parents. Yesterday no kids came except for Remi and her friend, Amber. I'm hoping to actually get some more kids in class today.

This is such a wonderful place to be. Kids feel safe and they run around in packs like in the olden days ;) Adults are generous and kind with each other. It's a treat to be here. If you haven't been to Omega, I recommend that you take a trip down and go for a weekend or 2.

One of the people here on camps this week is David Wilcox, the american one, not the canadian one. He has set himself up in the Garden Cabin during the breaks in workshops when people will be wandering around and can pop in. He calls himself the Music Doctor, and when the doctor is "in" you can pop in, tell him what ails you and he'll sing you a song for it. If he doesn't have a song, he'll make one up on the spot.

Last night I was walking down the garden path (heh) and I stopped in and had a listen. Someone was feeling like they were afraid to sing out in their singing workshop so he sang them a song about getting confidence. Another guy had something going on about fear of the future and David sang another song. He looked at me and said, "what's up with you?" I told him. I missed my boyfriend. I've been gone for a week and I've got another week to go and I miss him. He asked a few more questions about the situation and then David Wilcox sang me a song that made me bawl my eyes out. It was the medicine I needed. So I listened as he made up a song for me about looking through my eyes, and feeling love, and other things that hit the spot. It was magical. After he finished, I got up and wiped my eyes some more and headed to a phone so I could make that long distance call. It felt really good.

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