Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot Yoga

It's hot out. It's really hot here at Omega. I'm not sure how hot exactly, but it's very, very warm out. So doing yoga is hot and sticky. Some people like that, and some people don't.

Luc and I spent some time together this afternoon in Kingston. We took my un-airconditioned car over the Hudson River to the nice and cool Kingston Mall and did a little shopping. Came back just in time to teach some extra hot yoga.

I figured I'd go to whatever was happening at the Main Hall because it would be nice and cool in there. I was pleasantly surprised at the great entertainment. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I heard "the mask guy" was going to be performing. But it wasn't what we got, which was very funny and highly entertaining.

From his moves, I would guess that the "mask guy" is majorly into yoga. He had some wild positions and got a lot of laughs from the kids here at family week. By the end of the show he was completely soaked and we were all tired from laughing.

Remi's having a sleepover at the trailer park, which is adjacent to the Omega campus where some of the staff live. She's having a blast here.

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