Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Black Belt in Yoga

So John's making jokes today about how he went to yoga but he didn't see any sparring and he's wondering how long it takes until he can get his black belt in yoga and I'm laughing but you know, that's what we're up against here. When I teach yoga in schools, invariably somebody, and I'm sorry, but it's usually one of the boys, says, "can we do karate?" School's starting school soon and I'll be faced with the kids who do and don't want to do yoga.

Maybe there could be levels and we have belts and stuff. Whaddyathink?


lo said...

i too teach children and some want to be there and some definitely don't! In some classes i have found ways to acknowledge achievement and progress-with some they are 'rewarded'/acknowledged with spirit rocks (they love to collect those) and with others I use ribbons....
always something to keep them engaged.
p.s. i am the Laurel that met you way back at the Wade thing:)

Jamine said...

Hey Laurel,

Thanks for your comments! Great suggestions too. Adults like to be acknowledged as well - I was even thinking of starting a "frequent flyer" program at some point ;)