Friday, August 17, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

It's Friday, and we got home on Tuesday night.

Omega was a lot of fun. I'm posting two videos of Sister Alice and her Gospel workshop participants just to give you a taste of the scene. One of them still makes me cry as she was soooo awesome.

We left Omega on Sunday and drove to Little Compton, Rhode Island, where my friend from Recovery Yoga, Peter, has a summer place. We spent two nights there and drove home on Tuesday. It was a long drive for us - 11 hours altogether - and Remi was great for the whole time. She is old enough to be my copilot now and can read the directions from the computer, which she usually has in the back seat because she can watch DVDs on it. We were a great team.

As I was driving home, outside of Montreal already, I got a call from Rama Lotus. I checked in with them when we got to Harvey's outside of Rigaud (if you haven't had their veggie burger yet, I recommend you try one) to discover that I had completely forgotten to get a sub for my Tuesday intermediate hatha class and that fortunately Ichih was available at the last minute and they combined our classes and it was handled. Phew. That kind of thing hardly happens to me and when it does it feels really awful!

I got around to checking my mail, which is mainly spam, and there were some compliments from people who had been to my classes at Omega and a request for my DVD. For some reason I have trouble releasing my DVD to the world. It's like it's not good enough. While I was in Rhode Island Peter and I talked about how people don't sing anymore because recordings are so good and people can't recreate that sound and so often don't even try. I think I did the same thing with my DVD. Instead of letting it be what it is, a straight run-through of my beginning yoga class, shot with one camera with me talking and doing poses at the same time, and my hair is my hair and my face is my actual face, and my shirt rides up, just like it does in real life, I compare it to Yoga Journal and Gaiam productions and think it's not ready.

Well, I'm ready to give that up and I'm letting the DVD out. If you want a copy let me know. The few people that have it already have said they like it and can do the class no problem.

On another note, I took out a DVD from the library and watched it today. It's called The Fire of Yoga, and it was a good look at yoga and how it helps people improve their lives, not their bodies.

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