Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lots of Yoga

It's really wonderful teaching at Omega. The space is really beautiful, there are mats and props for everyone, there are nature sounds coming in to the rooms, and the people who come to take yoga are unbeatable. Open, relaxed, ready, and very appreciative. So, thanks Omega, for making these 2 weeks really fun. Even though I didn't have a day off (people keep asking me how my vacation is going), it's been good to be teaching in a different space.

And being with my daughter has been wonderful. We've had a great chance to connect and it's been wonderful seeing her run and play and climb trees and go off with friends and have sleepovers and meet me at breakfast and just run wild.

And I went up to Deepak Chopra last night in the dining hall and muttered something to him about hearing him speak at Kripalu back in '91 and how I like the part about how we're not the TV but being broadcast and all that stuff and I saw him on The Hour on CBC and how his shoes are cool, those Nikes he has made for himself, and that I'm a yoga teacher here. So when the class I was teaching this morning ended up being in a different room and his class was supposedly doing something different, I figured it's because he thought that if that babbling fool (me) was the teacher that they'd better offer something else. That's not what happened, but I did get moved and the thought crossed my mind. There was a room mix up and I was the teacher and it was all FINE. GOOD even.

I haven't seen him close up again today but if I do, I'm going to try and get my picture taken with him ;)

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