Friday, August 10, 2007

Who Will Show Up to Yoga?

Family Week just ended and Remi's workshop is over. She took lots of pictures and the whole week was wonderful. Elizabeth Lesser said "next year when you teach yoga, we can tell people it's okay to bring their kids to the morning yoga class." She had heard that people liked my class and I guess it would be good to go again next year.

I was going to have a bit of a rest this weekend because I was told that Deepak Chopra is coming and that he's bringing his own yoga teacher and they had forgotten to mention that to me and I could still teach my staff class but I wouldn't need to do the early morning and pm classes. Oh, Deepak doesn't need me, fine, I'll sleep in. Then they're chasing me down before lunch, "Jamine! Did so and so tell you? The person who was supposed to teach in the morning is stuck in California, and there's more to the story..." So I'm teaching in the am after all. The Main Hall holds a lot of people and if 200 people want to do yoga in there, they can. So I'm going to do down there in a while and practising using the mike. I wasn't using the mike for the other classes.

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