Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We're All Bozos on the Bus

I made it to Omega and have been teaching yoga here for the past 2 days and it has been interesting. There's such a diverse and eclectic group of people here with such varied experiences of yoga. Fortunately they are patient and really easy to get along with. I was a bit nervous coming in as there are so many teachers on campus and I'm teaching in the room that Kofi Busia is in and it's intimidating. Then last night I went to hear Elizabeth Lesser read from her book, Broken Open, and she read the part about how we're all just bozos on the bus and I relaxed a bit.

There isn't another bus where everyone is pretty and wealthy and doing it right, lives all running smoothly. We're not alone on the bus of bozos - people who live actual lives - lives of fear and insincerity and trials and ups and downs and wondering and wonderment and everything. She explains it much better in her book, you'll be happy to know.

Anyhow, while I'm here I'm teaching everyday at 7 am, which is a bit of a "stretch" as we're not usually out of bed at that hour this summer. I'm also teaching almost every night at 5:30 and a couple of classes a week just for the staff. And when I went to teach today I thought about how I'm not alone in this. There isn't a perfect yoga teacher out there just waiting to take my place. I'm the teacher for the next two weeks and I'm doing just fine. Some people might even say I'm doing great!

Remi's back from her golf cart drive with Luc, my mountie yogi friend. So I'm off for a while!

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