Saturday, July 7, 2007

Meditation: the Musical

After seeing some awesome live theatre shows lately, (check out the Parks Canada Players), I got inspired and was thinking up some scenes for plays that have yoga and meditation themes, mainly along comedic lines. For years I've had the idea of having yoga teacher characters that would come out and lead the class. Goofy teachers, airy-fairy teachers, even the yoga dominatrix has been discussed. But after watching a play at Ft. Wellington the other night that was totally interactive, it got me to thinking about a show that would have the audience be in a meditation class. Actors would be interspersed throughout the audience and would do their thing from the seats, which would be pillows on the floor. At some point there would be singing and dancing. "Meditation: the Musical" comes to mind. I crack myself up. If only I could get it out - it would be funny.


Natalie Holst said...

Jamine, I love reading your blogs, they are very inspiring. If there is anyway I could be involved with your musical, or help at the Shepards, please let me know! Nat

Jamine said...

Thanks Natalie! The meditation will be free, so if you want to come, you are welcome. I'm also going to be away for 2 weeks in August and could use a sub :)